Download And Fill 15g Form for Your EPF Withdrawal

We are pretty sure that almost many people in India have a bank account, most of them have created a fixed deposit because it is not only the means to secure your money but it has also become the means to have money. Those who have a fixed account face many difficulties and one of them is the tax. But worry not, there is a form related to these issues which address this particular case. The form is directed to tax deduction at source. The form number is 15G.

Download And Fill 15g Form For Your EPF Withdrawal Discussion
What is a 15g form? It is a form to ensure that no TDS will be deducted.
What are the conditions that you have to fulfill to fill up the form? You have to have Indian citizenship under the age of 60. There are other factors too which you should read above.
What are some of the purposes for which you can submit pdf form 15g? For insurance commission, post office rebuttals, and many more.
How to download 15g form for pf withdrawal? You can download it on your respective bank’s website or in the income tax office’s website.
A form 15g for pf withdrawal sample The sample is given above. Check it up.
What do you have to fill for form 15g for pf withdrawal? The steps are written above. To know more about it, give it a read.
How to fill form 15g? The thorough step to do it is written above. Read to know more.
How to fill form 15g for pf withdrawal online? The whole step is written thoroughly. Read above to know.

1#) What is a 15g form?

By filling up the form 15g, you will ensure not only the fact that no TDS will be deducted from your account but will also save any extra extraction furthermore. However, this particular form has many eligibility codes and is difficult to even fill.

Form number 15g is to declare that no further TDS will be dedicated to your fixed deposits. In this article, we will try to fill in all the cracks so that you are totally knowledgeable about this form.

2#) What are the conditions that you have to fulfill to fill up the form?

However, not everyone can fill this form. They have to maintain certain conditions in order to fill up epf form 15g. Here are the conditions.

  • You have to be an individual or HUF or trust or any other assessee. If you are representing a company then you cannot use this particular form for TDS.
  • You have to be a permanent resident of India, in other words, you must have the citizenship of India.
  • The age limit to fill up this form is below 60. Anyone who is above 60 cannot fill this form.
  • Whatever the Tax may be calculated on your Total Income will be counted as nil
  • The cumulative interest income for the year should be less than what the basic exemption limit of that year is which is Rs.2.5 the recorded for the financial year 2019-20.

3#) What are some of the purposes for which you can submit pdf form 15g?

There are many reasons for which you can simply download the 15g form

  • If you are planning to withdraw a large amount of money, exactly more than 50,000 then you can submit the form for no TDS.
  • If you are a corporate band and your income is more than 50,000 then you should fill up this form to request the authority for less reduction of TDS.
  • You can even fill-up the form 15g for post office TDS.
  • If your rent is more than 2 lakh annually and the tax income is nil on the papers then you must submit TDS.
  • Even TDS is applicable to the insurance commission. If it is more than 15,000 every year then you can apply for it.

4#) How to download 15g form for pf withdrawal?

There are a few ways to have the form 15g download. Those ways are easy and one can do it without any worry.

  • The first way to download it is to download it from any reputable bank’s online site. You will find it there.
  • It can also be downloaded from the income tax department’s office.
  • You can even get the form in an offline method from the banks of India.

5#) A form 15g for pf withdrawal sample:

Here is a sample for the withdrawal pdf which will surely be helpful to you to understand the form.

This is the snap taken from the IT department. This goes in accordance with the form 15g found online.

6#) What do you have to fill for form 15g for pf withdrawal?

The form is divided into two parts. The first part has to be written and submitted in the first person of order. So here goes.

  • You have to write your name exactly as mentioned on your PAN Card.
  • Permanent Account Number is important and it has to be a valid one. Failing to produce the card will be equivalent to making your request invalid.
  • You have to produce the declaration in Form 15G which can be furnished by an individual. It cannot be done by a firm or company.
  • You have to choose the Previous year as the financial year for which you are to claim non-deduction of TDS. This is how it will go.
  • You have to Mention your residential status as a resident individual because you must have Indian citizenship which we have already discussed in the criteria.
  • In the place of communication address, add the details in the correct order along with the pin code.
  • You have to give them your official email ID and contact number so that they can inform you through that of any advances.
  • You have to tick the mark ‘’Yes’’ in case you were ever evaluated for tax under the provisions of the Income Tax Act of 1961 for any of the previous assessment years.
  • You also have to mention the recent examination of income tax ear in accordance with the year your returns were evaluated.
  • The income which should be estimated on behalf of the declaration has to be mentioned.
  • Cumulative approximate income for the financial year. You have to mention all the sources of income.
  • You have to mention the previous filling up of the 15g form along with the details you provided them with previously. All the amount from the income has to be mentioned for both the years.
  • The last part of the section mentions the investment details. It is because of this you are filling the declaration form. So you have to further furnish the account number exactly in this order.
    • Term deposit
    • Life insurance policy number
    • Employee code etc
  • The second part of the form has to be filled up by the person who will file the deduction of the tax return about your claim.

7#) How to fill form 15g?

The method to do it online is easy too. You must have a logged-in account in your phone for your respective bank to make it easier.

  1. At first, you have to log into your bank’s internet banking with the User ID and Password that you have set.
  2. Now go to the online fixed deposits tab which will show you many options from which you have to go to fixed deposit details.
  3. There, upon clicking on the options, you will have the option to download form 15g pdf. From there you can generate the form. Not only 15G but also 15H.
  4. Now you have to click on the link that will be available there to get the form that can be filled.
  5. Once the form is opened in a format that can be filled upon clicking, start giving the details that we have mentioned above in the offline mode.
  6. Make sure that the details that you fill are totally right and have no wrong information.
  7. They will ask you to mention the branch details of the bank that you are associated with and with which your FD/RD is clasped. Fill in the details.
  8. If you do not have the details regarding the account which has the FD/RD then you have to find the details in the branch locators tools.
  9. Now fill all, the other details that they will ask you to fill. Such details cannot be left blank.
  10. Do a double-check.
  11. Submit the form.

8#) How to fill form 15g for pf withdrawal online?

Here we will teach you How to fill form 15g for pf withdrawal. As only a few additional steps will be added to this section as anyone who is trying to fill up the epf form has to know this too as someone who whether wanting the epf withdrawal or not can obviously fill-up the 15g form.

  • At first, you have to log in to EPFO UAN Unified Portal for members.
  • Now you have to Click on ONLINE SERVICES
  • From there locate Claim (Form 31, 19, 10C).
  • They will ask for the last four numbers of your bank account.
  • Ascertain the last 4 digits of your bank account.
  • Then you will see the EPF withdrawal form.
  • Below ‘I want to apply for’ options you will see Upload Form 15G.
  • Download the form and fill it following the steps starting from number 5 to 10 that is mentioned above.
  • Now you have to Upload the filled PDF form to the Unified portal.
  • Now Enter the other details that are asked of you
  • Now submit for withdrawal.
  • Keep one pdf form to yourself and print it out as the hard copy.
  • You have to mention the estimated income for which you are filing the Form.
  • For the EPF Withdrawal, you have to Enter the EPF amount you will get. It will include only Employee and Employer contributions. This does not have the pension amount included.

9#) Conclusion:

We have learned how to fill form 15g for pf withdrawal 2020 along with so many details that will surely benefit you if you are looking to apply for the 15G form. This guide on how to fill up the 15G form will surely help you if you continue to read this on. Every detail that you are looking for is here. All you have to do is give it a read.

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