Generate your HDFC Credit Card Pin Number Online by Following These Easy Steps

Net banking has made our life easier, to tell you the truth. The aspect of the internet that helps solve each problem makes it more reliable and saves time too. That is why each and every feat provided by the bank can be done in an online mode as well as offline mode too. So you don’t have to worry about changing the credit card on or resetting it online. You can easily do it sitting at home as they have started the procedure of doing it online.

When you try to get the credit card by applying for it in the bank, you will get it by post which is the normal procedure. However, the credit card pin code can be sent in two ways. The bank may try to send you a preset credit card pin code to you via your mailing address or may try to send a green pin otp in your registered phone number.

The credit card pin that you will be received via mail is the physical pin code that you can use to your will while the green pin OTP is used to generate the pin code on your own as it is a top that will give you access.

How to generate hdfc credit card pin?

By following this easy step you can easily set your own credit card pin. There are two ways in which you can generate the credit card pin and we will discuss each and walk you through the steps.

You can do it at all an HDFC ATM or you can easily do it through the HDFC net banking system.

1#) HDFC credit card pin generation via ATM:

You can do it via ATM or you can easily do it via the net banking system. However, we will discuss the former here.

  • When you apply for the credit card you will be sent the credit card via the mail. Take the credit card to the nearest HDFC ATM.
  • Make sure that the green OTP code is sent to your phone as it is the very important crucial ingredient that you need to generate the code.
  • In case you haven’t received the code, you need to call the customer care service first and let them.know of the problem. Once you get the code again, head to the ATM.
  • At first, you have to Put in your HDFC credit card in the ATM machine
  • Now you have to choose the language according to your preference.
  • Now they will show many options but you have to tap on ‘Create a new ATM PIN using OTP’ option.
  • Now you have to permeate the OTP number that you received on your mobile.
  • Now they will ask for your phone number so add your phone number.
  • After that, they will ask you to put in the pin code of your own.
  • Now you have to type in a 4-digit PIN.
  • They will ask you to do it again as a confirmation.
  • Re-type the PIN
  • Now click on ‘Submit’.

After it is generated, a message will be sent to your phone that you have successfully generated a pin code for your credit card.

2#) How to do the HDFC new credit card pin generation online?

Now we are coming to the method of doing it online. The key lies in net banking. Each app has its own app. If you are logged in, open it. If not then you might have to open the site and register for the net banking system that is provided by the HDFC. After that, follow the said steps.

  • First, you have to log in to your HDFC net banking account.
  • Now you have to tap on ‘Cards
  • It will show you many options from which you have to choose ‘Credit Cards’ option
  • Now you have to Click on the ‘Request’ option.
  • Then choose the ‘Instant PIN Generation’ option
  • You will see many options but from there you have to choose the credit card option.
  • Now select your credit card from there.
  • After that step, you have to click on ‘Continue’
  • Now you have to put in the 4-digit PIN that you want.
  • You have to re-enter the same digits again as a sign of confirmation.
  • Now you have to click on ‘Continue’
  • You will be given the chance to verify it.
  • Verify the new PIN generation request
  • Now you will be asked to select a phone number.
  • Put the mobile number in
  • Now tap on ‘Continue’ so that you can receive an OTP
  • Enter the OTP in that place.
  • Click on ‘Continue’.

After the loading of the same has been done, you will receive a new message confirming the fact that you have generated a new pin code in your credit card.

3#) How to make sure that you have activated the pin code that has been generated?

If you have generated the new pin code of your credit card, the only way to make it activated is by doing it two ways.

  • You could try to buy something online. Making a payment via that credit card would activate the card as you will.have to use the newly generated code.
  • Or you can even try to draw some money out using the credit card through an ATM as there you will also have to use the pin code.

The intention lies in the fact that the activation of the card depends on the usage of the pin for the first time. As soon as you do it in any mode, it will be fine.

4#) How to save your pin code from falling into the wrong hands?

It is one of the most important jobs that you have to mind as it is related to your hard-earned hard-earned. You have to save it. The main reason behind the hdfc credit card net banking does not only lie in the fact that it is easy and saves time but also provides security.

Though hackers have become very inept at picking all these technical terms so it is upon you to make sure that you do not do anything wrong from your side. By following these steps you will ensure security from your end.

  • Don’t ever share the pin of your card to anyone. One might overhear it. If you share your pin it would put your card’s security in danger.
  • The one-time password that you get sometimes, don’t show it to anyone.
  • Do not ask someone to generate the codes in the ATM or on your phone in your place.
  • Don’t ask anyone to put your code in the ATM while taking the money out as it could cause a problem.
  • Do not put your code in front of anyone if there is someone in the ATM store with you. Exposing your code to some third party may jeopardize the whole thing.
  • If you are trying to make payment for something else via someone else’s phone then make sure that you remove your card’s details.
  • Do not put your card’s details in front of anyone else.
  • Always try to make payment via your own personal electronic gadgets. Use your own laptop or phone.
  • Do not keep a picture of your credit card with anyone else.
  • Make sure that you do not even share the picture of the credit card with someone else.
  • Make sure that you do not keep your own code written down in your phone’s memo or anywhere else.
  • Make sure that you don’t share the details of the card through SMS or email with anyone else.
  • Make sure that you do not write anything regarding the card and.the pin on a piece of paper.
  • Try to generate your pin code three times a year. It will make it more secure.

All these ways are just advised to you to make sure that nothing unnerving happens from your end. By following these mentioned steps, you will never face any case of fraudulent.


It is very important for you to make sure that your code is safe as your hard own money depends on it. That is why we have provided you with the basic knowledge of how to generate the pin codes of the HDFC credit card along with how to save it from frauds. I hope it is helpful for you.

Generate Your Hdfc Credit Card Pin Number Online By Following These Easy Steps Discussion
How to generate a hdfc credit card pin? You can do it online or through an ATM. The steps are written fully. Read to know how to do it.
How to make sure that you have activated the pin code that has been generated? You have to use it once to activate it. You can either take out money from the ATM or make a payment through it.
How to save your pin code from falling into the wrong hands? All the points are shared with you in this article. Please read to know how to make your pin more secure.

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