How to Apply for Passport Online & Follow Simple Steps

We have to go to foreign countries for our office work or for just spending our vacations. So for that, the most important document is PASSPORT. Without a passport you can’t visit any foreign country.
Here I will guide you through all the process step by step so that you can apply for a passport at home without any agent. First, you have to register for the website and then you can apply for a passport. I will also guide you through the process of tracking your passport application. Follow the below steps to register for the passport website and later I will show you how to apply for a passport after registration.

1#) How To Register On Passport Website/Portal-

To register and apply for a passport you have to visit official websites of passport.

To go to the passport website type the URL( in your search bar Or you can simply search Passport India and open the first website that appears.

After opening the website you will see different types of options on the left side of your screen as shown below.

1. These options are following-

1) New User Registration:-

If you haven’t registered for this & do not have any login ID then click on this.

2) Existing User Login:-

If you have registered for this website before & have your own Login ID then click on this.

3) Check Appointment Availability:-

If you have to look for appointment dates then click on this.

4) Track Application Status:-

If you have to track the status of your applied passport application then click on this.

So We have to apply for a passport. Better to start from the beginning, click on New User Registration.

When you click on New User Registration, Then you will see this type of window as shown above.
You have to fill up all the details asked in the form.
1. Passport Office{ In General, most of the times it is your district}
2. Given Name, Your Surname
3. Your Email ID


It will also ask that whether you want your email as your login ID or you want to set up your new login id.
If you will opt for YES then your login id will be your email address. Then you don’t have to enter login id in the next box.
But if you choose NO then you have to enter your personal Login Id of your choice which you can remember.
After that, it will ask for your Password and then you have to confirm your password in the next box.
Then it will ask for one Hint Question and it answers. You can select any question of your choice.
And at last, it will ask for Captcha. Fill up the letters shown to you in the given box, And then click on Register.

After that, A mail will be sent to your Email Id. There will be a link in that mail, click on that link. After clicking on that link your Registration will be successful.

2#) How To Apply For Passport Online-

After Successful Registration now you have to log in to this passport website. For that go to HOME and this time click on Existing User Login.
Now after you click on Existing User Login. This type of window will appear on your screen as shown below.
It will ask for your Login Id. Enter your login ID and click Continue.
After that, it will ask for your password and Captcha. Enter your password and fill up the Captcha code and click Login.

Now after successful login, it’s time for the process of applying for a passport. This type of window will appear on your screen once you login to your account.

There are different types of options shown. But you have to Click on Apply for Fresh/Re-Issue of passport.

After you will click on Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-Issue of passport this type of window will appear on your screen.

You will not see any blue link on this page because this site has been updated. But when you will move your cursor to the highlighted area which I have shown in Red. Then it will show you a link in blue

After you click on that link. You will see this type of window
on your screen. Fill up your State and District. After selecting your District you will be sent to the next page automatically.

The next page will appear like the page shown below. You need not to do much here. Just select FRESH PASSPORT, NORMAL, 36 PAGES, and simply click on NEXT button.

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